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Barnaby Dillon

Barnaby Dillon


Dos Pueblos High School

Grade Level: 

High School

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Ram Seshadri


Material Research Lab


Srinivasa Thimmaiah

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Research Project Title: 

Synthesis, Refinement and Magnetic Characterization of Heusler Compounds

Research Project Description: 

Magnetic materials that conduct only one spin of electron are currently used in newer hard drives and may allow instant-on computers and faster processors in the future. Our research goal was to make and characterize the magnetic properties of compounds with a certain structure type called Heusler. Samples contained three metals with the general formula X2YZ where X and Y are transition metals and Z is a main group element. These three metals were melted together using an arc melter at temperatures approaching 4000 degrees Celsius, then analyzed for structure type using powder x-ray diffraction and Rietveld analysis. Samples that were not well-ordered crystals were annealed in a furnace, while well-ordered crystals were tested for magnetic properties. A SQUID magnetometer was used to measure the strength, response to a magnetic field, and temperature dependence of the magnet.

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Curriculum Project Year: 


Curriculum Project Title: 

Converting to Inquiry Science Labs - Tools and examples for allowing students to practice science

Curriculum Project Description: 

This project provides tools and examples for modifying science labs to allow students to practice science. Instead of strictly following a procedure, students are encouraged to hypothesize, design experiments, and analyze their data before communicating their answers.

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