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James Jackson

James Jackson


Goleta Valley Junior High School

Grade Level: 

Junior High

Teaching Position: 

Physical Science
Life Science


Susan Mazer


Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology


Alisa Hove

Research Project Year: 


Research Project Title: 

To Self or Not to Self: Does Pollen performance differ between outcrossing and selfing Clarkia sister taxa?

Research Project Description: 

Working in Dr. Susan Mazers lab in the department of Evolution, Ecology, and Marine Biology I studied the evolution of mating systems in flowering plants. My specific work looks at pollen performance and sexual selection between outcrossing and selfing Clarkia species or sister taxa. Our hypothesis is that outcrossers will have higher pollen tube attrition rates than selfers. In other words, cross pollinators will have more pollen tube deaths than self-pollinators. Our data supports this hypothesis with almost twice the mean pollen attrition rates in the two outcrossing taxa compared to the two selfing taxa.

Our conclusion is that pollen tube attrition occurs at different rates in different species of Clarkia with different mating systems. Specifically, higher attrition rates were observed in the outcrossing species. This was a wonderful program. The knowledge and skills gained will surely improve and enrich learning for my students.

Research Project Attachments: 

Curriculum Project Year: 


Curriculum Project Title: 

Real Inquiry: Integrating the New Common Core and Health Standards into your existing lessons and labs

Curriculum Project Description: 

Two inquiry-based units are presented: “Flower Power” and “Don’t Blow it”. These lessons are easily adapted to cover a variety of State, Common Core and Health standards. The emphasis is health –a topic which is increasingly being required in science. Both labs include community service and family involvement components.


Curriculum Project Attachments: 

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