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Marta Oyola-Marquez


Alejandro Tapia Junior High School - Puerto Rico

Grade Level: 

High School

Teaching Position: 



Susan Stonich



Research Project Year: 


Research Project Title: 

Community Conflict at the Agricultural-Urban Interface- Concerns over the Health Effects of Agricultural Pesticides

Research Project Description: 

This project investigates the community perception of health risks according to ethnicity, class, gender and education in the town of Lompoc. The project will conduct a risk assessment using the PP Geographic Information System to enhance the participation of the community in the debate of pesticides and to enhance their capacity to make informed decisions. I was engaged in Phase I of the project in which community members were interviewed about the perceived risks to try and identify the information that the community needs. I made contact with teachers in the community ? some of whom are participants in science education projects at UCSB, to collect background information and local opinions.

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