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Introducing the MRL Education Outreach “ScienceBot”!


This CNC robot is intended as a multipurpose assistant for those engaged in science and engineering.  How can a lightweight positioning device help you in your classroom or lab?   Our initial progress is below, please revisit soon for updates.  If you have questions, comments/ideas or are interested in getting a ScienceBot of your own please contact Frank Kinnaman.



Hello World!

A first look at some of the sensor manipulation capabilities of sciencebot in a "demo mode".  Some sensors appreciate being exposed to samples or standards in the exact same way every time, its simply good science to remove as many variables from analyses as possible.  Here the ScienceBot handles a color sensor from our friends at “ManyLabs” and displays some plotted data on the screen to the left.  Robots are very patient, it will be possible to collect data on an overnight experiment with the ScienceBot.  For details on this setup see the description on the youtube page.


Microscope work

Here is a quick example of the machine being driven around by a pushbutton interface and how it can carefully position a usb microscope wherever you would like to examine your sample.

Fluid handling

Precise transfers of fluids will be possible with this device. The ScienceBot could be a good little autosampler.

Light duty milling

ScienceBot was inspired by "Project Shapeoko" and the small 10mm x 10mm alumininum "Microrax" extrusion.  ScienceBot is just rigid enough to cut easily machinable materials. Here it cuts into wax. We will use the ScienceBot to make precise molds for our efforts in soft robotics. The full capabilities of ScienceBot as a desktop manufacturing device are under evaluation.  WARNING LOUD AUDIO!