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Suman Koirala

CISEI Intern


Cerritos Community College


Industrial/Chemical Engineering

Site Abroad: 

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


Dr. Damaris Fernandez

Faculty Sponsor(s): 

Prof. M.E.G.Lyons

Faculty Sponsor's Department: 

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Project Title: 

Electrochemical Water Splitting and formation of Copper (I) Oxide

Project Description: 

Copper (I) Oxide is a catalytic material for energy-related reactions that can be easily obtained by electrodeposition, a technique also used to obtain structures with large ratios of specific-to-geometric areas. In this work, cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry were used to produce metallic and oxidized copper deposits. Growth morphology was observed using scanning electron microscopy. Area ratios of 4:1 were achieved by using 3-D copper structures as substrate, prepared by simultaneous formation of Cu(s) and H2 (g) from electrolytes. The chemical stability of Cu2O-coated samples was evaluated in terms of mixed corrosion potential (ECORR), and found to follow an exponential decay relation with coating thickness (t) described by ECORR = - 0.003 et/1.9 + 0.215 [Volts].