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Arlette Evora

Arlette Evora


University of California, Santa Barbara


Mechanical Engineering

Site Abroad: 

Tokyo Institute of Technology


Motomu Nakashima

Faculty Sponsor(s): 

Takuro Yoneda

Project Title: 

The Analysis of Swimming Motion With and Without Fins

Project Description: 

The research study involves creating a simulation of a top swimmer swimming with fins and without fins. The study is based on a Japanese male national swimmer and consists of using two videos to capture his movement. The videos were taken at two angles (front and side). To help capture the movement I will use a three dimensional animation software (Blender) and a software created by the laboratory to run the simulation (SWUM). The analysis will consist of using the three dimensional software to create the movement and using SWUM to calculate the six axes for the equation of motion and calculate the force load acting on the body. The goal is to use the simulation created by the swimming motion data of the top swimmer and test it for accuracy and determine the fastest simulation motion.