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Gabrielle Carrel

Gabrielle Carrel




University of California, Santa Barbara


Aurland K. Hay

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Ram Seshadri

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Prediction and Synthesis of Potential Topological Superconductors

Project Description: 

Quantum computers are compelling due to their inherent advantages in speed and power compared to classical computation. Unfortunately, problems arising from interactions with the environment limit the scalability of current quantum computing systems. To solve this issue, topological superconductors have become promising materials for application in quantum computing as they can sustain the quantum states necessary for computations while being robust against outside perturbations. In this project, we aim to identify, synthesize, and characterize topological superconductor candidates. Data driven methods were used to determine promising materials, specifically Ta3Sb and Ta3Sn. Powder samples of the materials were prepared using solid state synthetic techniques and their compositions were verified using X-ray diffraction. Single crystals of these materials are currently being developed and future tests will characterize their superconducting properties and topological classification.