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2011 Workshop

The focus of the 2011 science teacher workshop was Incorporating Inquiry into the Science Classroom. Our workshops target upper elementary teachers, junior high teachers as well as secondary science teachers.
During the first part of the workshop our RET teachers presented their curriculum models, which focused on communicating science concepts to ELL students (Nathan Inouye), a series of digital shorts on tide pool ecological research connected to the CA state ecology standards (Bret Klopfenstein), and students as Food-Scientists in the classroom (Sarah Martinak). PDF’s of the teacher presentations can be found at our RET project pages and the actual curriculum projects are available below.
The second part of the workshop focused on the demonstrations and activities accompanying the recently released PBS/NOVA series “Making Stuff” on the field of Materials Science. During an afternoon session we explored superhydrophobic surfaces and the “Lotus Effect” (activity available below). Please contact Frank Kinnaman for any of these files in .doc format or with any other questions about other MRL educational resources.

Workshop Material: 

  • Nathan Inouye - Not Watering Down the Curriculum for ELL Students
  • Bret Klopfenstein - Science on Scene: Connecting University Research and CA State Standards to classroom learning
  • Sarah Martinak - "Chem Connections: Students as Food-Scientists in the Classroom"

Materials for Inquiry : 

Making Stuff

A PBS feature on materials science with accompanying hands on activities and demonstrations.  Resources include educator resources, a series overview and links to individual episodes and MRL Making Stuff resources list.

Lotus Effect

MRL Lotus Effect Activity
"Nanosurfaces in Nature and the Lab" MRL education outreach video
MRL Lotus Effect classroom activity

NISEnet Lotus Effect Materials
A great set of Lotus effect resources
Explore here

Simple fabrication of a superhydrophobic surface
The procedure used to make the superhydrophobic copper surface for the workshop!
Download file here