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2013 Workshop

The focus of the 2013 science teacher workshop was Emerging Materials, Technologies and Curricula for the Science Classroom. Our workshops target upper elementary teachers, junior high teachers as well as secondary science teachers.
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Workshop Material:

MRL Research Experience for Teachers (RET) interns presented their classroom curriculum projects.  (For curriculum project descriptions and materials scroll down to the bottom of the pages linked to by clicking their names below). 

Kate Dickinson: Quantitative Real World Inquiry Topics:  Fireworks, Pickles and X-Ray Guns

Jesse Kasehagen: Examples of open source technology in the science classroom

Chuong Vu: A set of activities exploring synthetic and environmentally friendly polymers, their properties and applications

MRL Models and Materials teacher-interns shared their exciting science/art classroom collaborations.  

Other topics included a guest presention by Peter Sand from the non-profit classroom technology specialists "" sharing their recent advances in low cost technology for the k-12 science curriculum.  Our keynote speaker Kevin Plaxco spoke on "Stealing tricks from biology to build better diagnostics".