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2014 Workshop

The focus of the 2014 MRL Science Workshop was "Projects and tools for science and engineering classrooms"

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Past Workshops

Workshop Material:

MRL Research Experience for Teachers (RET) teacher-intern presentations

(for all curriculum materials please visit these teachers' web pages and scroll down to the bottom)

Jessica Thompson: Ojai Valley School:  Using Marine Science Technology in an Integrated Science Class

Kyla Gupta: Adolfo Camarillo HS:  A Study of Plankton: Collection, Analysis, and Ecology

Julia Pustizzi:  Learning Logic: Units for Introducing and Developing Reasoning and Communication

Javier Cervantes:  Oxnard High:  Bringing Ecological and Evolutionary Research into the classroom

Explorations of new resources and materials in STEM education including:

Hands on with NOVA's "Making More Stuff" 2014 outreach activity series - "Colder, Wilder, Faster, and Safer":  

Making More Stuff Short Videos

Activity resources (for materials please see "support materials" and then "activity" on these pages)

Wild Inspired Robotic Arms

Science of Keeping Cool

Powering Torque in the Trunk

Engineering Soft Story Safety

Revisiting conductive materials: an early look at "CircuitScribe" conductive ink and more exploration of Bare Paint "electric paint".

A sensor project from our friends at

"Exploration Now" 2013 highlights videos with visitors from the Valentine Lab


James Rogers, Recent MRL PhD, aPEEL Technology Inc.: "Agricultural Skin Grafting: from a dream on Del Playa to field trials in Kenya"

Andrew Brooks, UCSB Moorea LTER network: introduction to MCR resources for teachers

Keynote SpeakerRobert Tai, Ed. D. University of Virginia.   “Finding FOCIS:  A Framework for Examining Lessons and Learning Activites