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2016 science teacher workshop

MRL Science Teacher Workshop 2016:

"A spectrum of sciences:  MRL inspiration and resources for science teachers"

Our 2016 workshop had content for science teachers of all disciplines!  The morning activities featured morning curriculum and research project presentations and activities led by the following MRL RET teacher-interns along with other explorations of resources and materials in STEM education.  For more RET information see the RET program webpage.  For information on future workshops please visit the main workshops page.

For more information and resources from each teacher please visit their webpage: (scroll to the bottom of their page for the curriculum section)

Teresa Leza, biology, "Proteins: Making Bio-Inspired Connections" (note that Teresa's section on AmpliScience will be available in summer of 2016).

Jonathan McCabe, earth science, "The Power of Water : How moving water affects our physical world"

Rano Sidhu, chemistry, "SERS based false-free biomolecular assay" 

Zack Moore, physics/engineering "Interfacial Polymerization for Water Treatment Membranes"

Afternoon speakers:

Megan Valentine, associate professor in the UCSB Mechanical Engineering Dept in the research area of Biomaterials, Bioadhesion and Molecular and Cellular Biomechanics 

Demian Nelson of the UCSB Earth Science Dept and member of the Antarctica360 team.

2015 Workshop Resources

for 2014 and previous workshop resources visit the workshops page and see the sidebar to the right of the page

Workshop Material: 

Special resources:

AmpliScience "Ampli Blocks" modular life science experimentation

3D Molecular Designs Cellular Landscape

"Desktop Delta" resources

"Mystery box" resources webpage.  Here are fabrication instructions for the Mystery Box and a good picture of the inside.

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