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2017 Science Teacher Workshop

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MRL RET Program

Teacher Projects (scroll down to the bottom of these pages for the curriculum project files).

Lauren Galvin (Active Learning in Medical Chemistry)

Rano Sidhu (Making Invisible Connections Visible)

Zack Moore (Engineering Amusement)

Tyler Susko (Engineering Capstone Project Advisor)

         2017 Capstone Project Symposium to be held at Corwin Pavilion on Wednesday June 7th, main event 4-5pm, posters 3-4pm.

Science Friday

          Apple Tensile Strength

          Maillard Reaction

Chris Bates Research Group

Gevirtz group Virtual Reality - View Master and Cardboard

Samantha Daly Research Group

UCSB Current

UCSB College of Engineering 50 yr anniversary