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Project 6: Adhesion Promotion for Electroless Copper Plating on Smooth Surfaces for Electronic Applications





Electroless plating of solid metals from a solution has been widely used in the printed circuit board industry for production of wiring layers and inter-layer (via) connections and more recently for the production of metal interconnect films in the integrated circuit substrate (IC substrate) industry.  As applications move to more flexible and portable devices, the need to apply the electroless plating body of knowledge to new substrates is great. DOW-MI is working on the development of a water soluble, dual-functional polymer for adhesion promotion between copper and flexible substrates and the planarization of copper in electroless copper plating


Project 6 Members

Rachel Segalman UCSB Principle Investigator
Mingqi Li Dow Project Manager
Peter Trefonas Dow Technical Liaison
Hellen Papananou UCSB Postdoctoral Scholar