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Project 8: Fundamentals of Emulsion Stability

Project 8 aims to develop and understand the fundamental mechanisms of emulsion stabilization
and destabilization critical in many applications. For example, the formation of emulsions
stabilized by naturally occurring asphaltenes and other surface active components leads to
significant challenges in crude oil-water separations. We strive to improve the understanding of
interfacial rheology to enable investigations of the stability of oil-in-water and water-in-oil
emulsions that can ultimately lead to next generation demulsification technologies.


Project 8 Members

Todd Squires UCSB Principle Investigator
Kathryn Whitaker Dow Project Manager
Chris Tucker Dow Technical Liason
Endre Joachim Mossige UCSB Postdoctoral Researcher
Huanshu Tan UCSB Postdoctoral Researcher