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Project 9: Phase Behavior Fundamentals of Silicone-Organic Hybrid Materials

Project 9 seeks to establish the guiding principles that control the compatibilization of silicones with organic polymers. Thrusts include the design of new materials and processes to create hybrid materials. This work will streamline the development of future research into materials with unique properties.


Project 9 Members

Christopher Bates UCSB Principal Investigator
Craig Hawker UCSB Co-Principal Investigator
Morgan Bates UCSB Co-Principal Investigator
Souvgaya Biswas Dow Project Manager
Jodi Mecca Dow Technical Liason
David Laitar Dow Technical Liason
Zhishuai Geng UCSB Postdoctoral Scholar
David Goldfeld UCSB Postdoctoral Scholar
Allison Abdilla UCSB Graduate Student Researcher
Michael Czuczola UCSB Graduate Student Researcher
Colton D'Ambra UCSB Graduate Student Researcher