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Forthcoming Q-Band ESR Instrument to be Accessible for MRL Researchers

September 2016
Professor Songi Han (DCB and Chemical Engineering) and Rick Dahlquist
(DCB) succeeded in winning support from the NIH to acquire a
high-power pulsed Q-band electron spin resonance (ESR) spectrometer
that they will make available to the MRL and the wider UCSB community.
This is the most powerful commercial ESR instrument available to date,
that can contribute to distance measurements of proteins, protein
complexes, polymers and beyond. There are many new experiment
capabilities that open up with this instrumentation that would be
beneficial to inorganic chemistry, material science, and  metals in
biology. There are only a handful of such instruments available in the
U.S. Delivery is expected before the summer of 2017.
The instrument will be located in the Han lab in DCB.