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Matthew Helgeson and Ania Jayich Receive NSF CAREER Awards

September 2014

The MRL is proud to congratulate Matthew Helgeson and Ania Jayich for each receiving an NSF CAREER award. The National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award offers the NSF’s most prestigious awards to young faculty who most effectively integrate research and education.

Matthew Helgeson's research involves the development generic methods for assembling nanoemulsions — nanoscale droplets of oil in water (or vice versa) — into superstructures for templating sophisticated materials with hierarchical structure.

Ania Jayich's research investigates how the spin of the NV center — a model quantum system with atomlike properties that are uniquely accessible and controllable — could be used to study, measure and sense tiny quantum forces, yielding information that can advance the science of quantum metrology and computing.

Congratulations Matthew and Ania!