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MRL 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships/Honorable Mentions

March 2017
The MRL congratulates the following students for 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships/Honorable Mentions. Left-to-right: Mayela Aldaz (Levi group)  Aimal Khankel (Valentine group), Manuel Sanchez Zayas (Read de Alaniz and Segalman), Kareem Hamdy (Nakamura group), Abel Fernandez (undergrduate intern, Levi group), Sarah Innes-Gould (Saleh group), Elayne Thomas (Segalman and Chabinyc groups, back), Emily Levin (Seshadri and Pollock groups, front), Pavel Shapturenko (Gordon and DenBaars groups), Samantha McCuskey (Segalman and Bazan groups), Mike Burroughs (Helgeson and Leal groups) and Jeff Self (Bates and Read de Alaniz groups). Great job !