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MRL Email Migration - July 13th 5pm - July 14th 8am

July 2015

The MRL/MCCAM/ICMR email migration is set for 7/13 5pm - 7/14 8am.

One thing to note when setting up your new account is that it's best to set your email address to name [at] mrl [dot] ucsb [dot] edu , but your login for & is your UCSBnetID [at] ucsb [dot] edu. That should ensure that outgoing messages have the tag which is important for some mailing lists.

If you have problems with email on Tuesday morning, try going to
and accessing your email via the Google Apps link.

There are a few things to know:

1. Make sure you know your UCSBnetID and UCSBnetID password by July 13th. Your Connect login username is your UCSBnetID [at] ucsb [dot] edu and the password is your UCSBnetID password.

2. You will receive email sent to all Connect addresses and any aliases you may have.

3. If you are currently using a personal address book with your email, you may want to import that information into Connect after the migration, depending on the client you use. Now is the time to export that data and get it ready to import into Connect. Contact groups within those address books must be re-created after the migration.

4. Connect Client - We recommend that you initially use the Google Web App (GWA) to access Connect. This will give you immediate access from anywhere.

5. Hand-held device (e.g., iPhone, Android phone or Windows phone) - Configure it for your Connect email account AFTER the final migration has taken place.

6. All messages "Marked as Deleted" will be expunged. So, if you have configured your email client (eg, Outlook, Thunderbird) to not transfer deleted messages to a trash folder, please un-delete any messages you wish to keep.

7. Messages in the DRAFTS folder with an empty "TO" line, will not migrate. So...if you have any DRAFTS with nothing in the TO line, please put something there.

8. ETS has conducted some tests and found that some very old messages seem to have some issues with the email date. The message migrates, but the date may appear to be wrong.

9. Special Connect Folders - There are message folders in Connect that serve a familiar, special purpose:
Sent Items - Copies of all outgoing messages
Drafts - Messages being crafted, but not yet sent
Deleted Items - Deleted messages (30 day retention policy)
Junk E-Mail - Suspected to be SPAM (60 day retention policy

10. If you have folders named Calendar, Contacts, Tasks or Notes, they will appear as Calendar-Old, Contacts-Old, Tasks-Old or Notes-Old in Connect.

Note: Visit to find instructions for items 3, 4 and 5.

If you have any questions, you can visit our Connect web site or contact Fuz.