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MRL Researchers Named Global School for Advanced Studies Scholars

October 2012

MRL student, Chris Liman, and post-doc, Bertrand Tremolet de Villers were recently selected as Global School for Advanced Studies (GSAS) scholars and attended the 2012 Session on Organic Solar Cells. This GSAS sessions was funded by NSF and the National Science Foundation of Taiwan for the mission of addressing global challenges in energy and training the next generation of scientist and engineers international cooperation.  Participants in the sessions were split into teams to develop collaborative research proposals in solar energy research. Bertrand and Chris worked with two students from National Taiwan University (Chun-Chih Ho and Meng-Huan Jao) and their joint research proposal was selected as one of the winning research plans by a panel of leading researchers from counties including the U.S., China, Korea, and Australia.  Their team will receive financial support to carry out their research proposal in a collaborative project between NTU and UCSB.