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MRSEC Grant Awarded to UCSB

September 2017

The MRL is proud to announce the awarding of a National Science Foundation Materials Research and Science Engineering Center (NSF MRSEC) grant at UCSB supporting 3 Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs).  Research in IRG-1 focuses on understanding interactions within novel magnetic materials to advance a plethora of applications including refrigeration and fine-scale motion control. Research in IRG-2 advances plastic materials with potential impact on chemical separations and energy storage. Inspired by nature, IRG-3 establishes the foundational design rules for creating materials for applications such as self-healing materials and materials for biological tissue replacement. The research in the different IRGs integrates the preparation of new materials with the development of forefront theories to understand them, and advanced tools to measure materials properties. In parallel, seed projects allow new researchers, venturing in exciting research directions, to join the Center. Shared experimental facilities are leveraged to support the project and strengthen interactions with industry. Developing job creation through start-ups and impacting work-force preparedness through enhancing education and outreach is a goal that threads through all of the activities of the Center.  Alongside the research, MRSEC scientists and education staff are dedicated to improving access to science and to building a dynamic and inclusive workforce of scientists and engineers. The portfolio of education programs has a core focus on undergraduate research opportunities. Outreach activities also involve K-12 students, support of teachers to create relevant curricula, and the broader lay public, to share current excitement in materials research. announcement