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Zhishuai Geng

Postdoctoral Researcher

Bio: Zhishuai received a B.Sc. in Material Chemistry from Nankai University where he was trained as a organic chemist and worked on methodology research on domino process catalyzed by organophosphines with Prof. You Huang. He then joined the Ph.D. program at Georgia institute of technology under the guidance of Prof. M. G. Finn. His thesis topic is fragmentable bicyclo[3.3.1]nonane cationic materials and their applications to nucleic acid delivery and antimicrobial function, which includes physical organic chemistry, polymer synthesis and characterization and chemical biology. During his Ph.D., he received STAMI Graduate Student Fellowship. He joined Hawker group as a postdoctoral researcher in July 2018.


Research: Developing temperature sensitive materials through anionic ring opening polymerization; Chain end functionalization; Development of new monomer for antiscaling application.