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DynaPro NanoStar™

The DynaPro NanoStar™ from Wyatt Technology is Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) instrument that is used for the analysis of protein solutions, aggregates, buffers, nanoparticles, polymers, or other products in solution. In a DLS measurement, the time-dependent fluctuations in the scattered light are measured by a fast photon counter. The fluctuations are directly related to the rate of diffusion of the molecule through the solvent. Therefore, the fluctuations can be analyzed to determine a hydrodynamic radius for the sample (0,5 nm to 1000 nm). Molar mass range: 300 Da to 106 Da. Minimum concentration = 0,1 mg/ml.

Instrument: DynaPro NanoStar™ from Wyatt Technology
Temperature: 22°C-150°C
Laser wavelength: 662 nm
Laser power: 100 mW

Cuvette: 1 µl (standard quartz-cuvette). Disposable cuvettes available (3 µl and 50 µl)



MRL room 1051

Manufacturer's Info: 

Wyatt Technology Corporation
6300 Hollister Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Telephone: 805-681-9009
Fax: 805-805-681-0123

Instrument Information and/or Manual: 

PDF icon Dynapro Manual28.24 KB


Please contact Rachel Behrens (rachel [at] mrl [dot] ucsb [dot] edu) to schedule training. Before training starts, please read the MANUAL