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Seed Projects

Seed Projects allow us an opportunity to respond rapidly to exciting new developments, and also help stimulate projects that might evolve into fully-fledged IRG programs in future proposals.

Active Seed Projects - 2018

  • Search for Majorana Fermions in Topological Superconductors
    John Harter (Materials)
    Cenke Xu (Physics)
  • Perturbing Topological Crystalline Insulators with Strain, Dopants, and Ferroelectricity
    Kunal Mukherjee (Materials)
  • Point Defects in Boron Nitride for Quantum Information Science
    Chris Van de Walle (Materials)
    Audrius Alkauskas (FTMC, Lithuania)


Previous seed projects from MRSEC Grant DMR 1121053 included:

  • Effect of Nanostructure on Ion Conduction in Polymerized Ionic Liquids
    Rachel Segalman (Chemical Engineering)
  • Bio-inspired Routes to Structured Biphasic Materials via Colloidal Assembly of Nanoemulsions
    Matt Helgeson (Chemical Engineering)
  • Nanoscale scanned probe imaging of charge and spin at semiconductor surfaces and interfaces
    Ania Jayich (Physics)
  • Atom and Energy Efficient Approach to Polymers with Tunable Reactivity and Properties
    Javier Read de Alaniz (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • Multiscale modeling of polymeric materials
    Joan-Emma Shea (Chemistry & Biochemistry, Physics)
  • Multipole Spectroscopy
    Jon A. Schuller (Electrical & Computer Engineering)