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  1. Elizabeth Eck

    ... MARKET SQUID, USING MICROSPECTROPHOTOMETRY: THE REFRACTIVE INDEX OF REFLECTINS Project Description:  Iridophores, dermal ... are not entirely understood.  We determined the refractive index of reflectins, proteins within the iridophores.  To do this, we used ...

    RISE Projects - October 2014

  2. MRL Injury & Illness Prevention Plan

    ... Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials , the Merck Index , and hard copies of some MSDS. Computers for the downloading of MSDS ...

    Basic page - August 2018

  3. Danielle Woods

    ... be characterized by determining the material’s refractive index surfaces and band structure. To make these calculations, we modelled the ... can be simplified by taking a paraxial approximation of the index surface to the optical axis, but this approximation is not valid in every ...

    CISEI Projects - October 2018

  4. Nicholas J. Antonellis

    ... dielectric antennas depend on the size and the refractive index of the wire or disks. Due to its high refractive index (n ~ 4), low electron effective mass (m e  ~ 0.014 m 0 ) and low ...

    RISE Projects - August 2016

  5. Damage Resistant High Transmission Optical Thin Film Coating for Diode Pumped Alkali Lasers (DPALs)

    ... the effect of the large "air –glass" difference in the index of refraction, reducing the amount of light reflected from the glass ... wavelengths using a dielectric stack of high and low index of refraction materials selected to work at the laser energies and ...

    Seminar - October 2012

  6. Waters Acquity APC - Chloroform

    ... ACQUITY UPLC PDA Detector ACQUITY UPLC Refractive Index Detector Solvent: Chloroform with 0.25% TEA Flow Rate: 0.5 mL/min ...

    Instruments - September 2017

  7. Ram Seshadri

    ... materials for solid state lighting, high refractive index materials, and conducting nanowires. Phone: (805) ...

    People - September 2017

  8. David Svensson

    ... that exhibit large, controllable shifts in refractive index. In this study we demonstrate how to construct a dynamic metamaterial ...

    CISEI Projects - September 2015

  9. Gunnar Símonarson

    ... on the surface provide a continuous gradient in refractive index from air to the tissue, resulting in broadband anti-reflectivity. This ...

    CISEI Projects - September 2013

  10. GPC - MALS

    ... (c) of the polymer, and the square of specific refractive index increment (dn/dc). Special procedures must be taken if the sample absorbs ...

    Instruments - May 2016