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  1. Alfredo Torres

    ... to reveal third order nonlinear effects such as nonlinear index of refraction and two photon absorption. This project is a model to ...

    CISEI Projects - December 2012

  2. 2D TMDC Materials and Heterostructures: Towards The Age of Atomic-scale Photonics

    ... 2D materials.  I will show our studies on the refractive index and catalytic activities of 2D MoS 2 , both of which show a clear ...

    Seminar - April 2014

  3. Claire-Alice Hebert

    ... intensity maximum, but as the diamond has a high refractive index finding this position is not trivial. The field distribution, and ...

    CISEI Projects - October 2015

  4. Chia-Hsi Lin

    ... the gain of a LSC based on its dimensions, refractive index and the quantum yield and absorbance spectra of the dye. Optically ...

    CISEI Projects - January 2013

  5. Jesse's Manylabs and Bare Paint lab

    ... hole does not need to be large, approximately the size of an index card is fine.  Use tape to affix the light sensor to the bottom of the ...

    Frank's Photos - October 2012

  6. Photonic Block Copolymer in Semi-Dilute Solutions

    ... was 0.1 μ J/pulse and is dependent on the refractive index difference between the phases and the number of the stacked lattice ...

    Seminar - July 2014