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Control of stability and molecular orientation in vapor-deposited organic glasses

Seminar Group: 


Professor Mark Ediger


Department of Chemistry
University of Wisconsin at Madison


Friday, May 2, 2014 - 4:00pm


ESB 1001


Prof. Ed Kramer

We have recently shown that highly stable glasses can be prepared by physical vapor deposition.  These glasses show exceptional properties in comparison to liquid-cooled glasses, including high density, low enthalpy, low vapor uptake, and high mechanical moduli.   These glasses have properties expected for liquid-cooled glasses that have been aged for thousands of years.  As such, they provide fundamental insights about a part of the potential energy landscape that could not previously be investigated.  We have discovered deposition conditions that combine high stability with substantial molecular orientation. We anticipate that the combination of high stability and control of molecular orientation will be useful in vapor-deposited films for organic electronics.