The innovation engine for new materials

TS&D: R&D's Funner Cousin

Seminar Group: 


Dr. Dana Breed


Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 12:45pm


ESB 1001


Graduate Students for Diversity in Science and the Dow Materials Institute

Technical Service and Development is a market-driven role requiring customer intimacy and technical depth. It marries fundamental science with a deep understanding of the markets served by your products and services. Application development and product development are part of TS&D, but did you know that an additional role within TS&D is that of New Business Development? Join me in a discussion of some of the roles and responsibilities involved in frontend exploration and other roles available in this career. We'll talk about the path for turning an idea into a money-making venture and discuss some of the competencies required to be successful in TS&D.

About Dana:

Dana Breed is an Associate Scientist within the Performance Packaging business at The Dow Chemical Company. In the group, Dana works with brand owners to develop food packaging as well as leading technical development for sustainability and front-end exploration projects. She joined the company five years ago in the New Products R&D group and moved to Technical Service and Development in 2009. Dana has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara, a Masters in Sugar Cane Technology from The University of Sydney and Bachelors of Science and Arts in Chemical Engineering/ Environmental Science and Engineering and Anthropology from Rice University.