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Panalytical MRD PRO Materials Research Diffractometer

Radiation Enclosure
Inside View


  • X-ray sources: 2.2 kW Philips ceramic sealed tube source
  • Wavelength: Cu Ka (1.5405 Å)
  • Monochromator: High flux hybrid monochromator or 4-crystal Ge(220)/(440)
  • Diffracted beam optics: receiving slits & Ge (220) analyzer for triple axes
  • Goniometer: open Eulerian cradle
  • Detector: sealed proportional counter
  • Resolution: ~5 arcsec in q and 2q-q scans
  • Software for data acquisition: X’PERT Data Collector
  • Software for data processing: X’PERT Epitaxy and X'PERT Reflectivity

Example of XRD data collected on MRD

GaN (002) rocking curve with superlattice peaks
X-ray Reflectivity (XRR) data and simulation of a PMMA film on Si
High resolution x-ray rocking curve data on a multi-quantum well structure




1409 CNSI

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