Fredrickson Research Group

University of California, Santa Barbara

Fredrickson Group

Fredrickson Group, 2017 (Left to right): James McCarty, Daniil Bochkov, Joe Peterson,
Jonathan Martin, Corinne Carpenter, Scott Danielsen, Carol Tsai, Doug Grzetic,
Jimmy Liu, Kris Delaney, Jan Garcia, Nicholas Sherck, Glenn Fredrickson


The Fredrickson group conducts a broad range of research activities in theoretical and computational polymer science, many of these aimed at understanding self-assembling polymers and complex fluids, and especially block copolymer systems. A computational tool that is unique to the group is the "Field-Theoretic Simulation" technique, which is a numerical procedure for simulating statistical field theory models of complex polymer formulations. The group also maintains strong interactions with experimental teams in academia and industry throughout the world.