Moments in Materials (MiMs) Summer Colloquium 2014

Any questions? Please contact Helen Tran (ht2321) + Michael Campos (mpc2157) + Peter Chen (pec2117)
MiMs is supported by the Department of Chemistry at Columbia University

June 12
Special time, 10:30am
Dr. Yufeng Wang
(David Pine Group, Physics Dept. NYU)
"Colloids with valence: fabrication and directed self-assembly"

Thursdays at 4:30 pm
NWC Building, Room 703

June 19
Prof. Cory Dean
(Physics Dept.)
"Nanoelectronics in layered 2D heterostructures""

June 26
Leslie Hamachi
(Jon Owen Group, Chemistry Dept.)
"Upconverting nanoparticles"

July 3
Andrew Pinkard
(Xavier Roy Group, Chemistry Dept.)

July 10
Aileen Nielsen
(Latha Venkataraman Group, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics Dept.)
"Data science in nanoscience"

July 17
Alex Beecher + Dr. Octavi Seminon
(Jon Owen Group, Chemistry Dept.)
"Solar cells from a Chemist's perspective"

July 24
Spencer Brucks
(Luis Campos Group, Chemistry Dept.)
"Antimicrobial polymers"

July 31
Michael Campos
(Jon Owen Group, Chemistry Dept.)
"Nanocrystals part A"

August 7
Peter Chen
(Jon Owen Group, Chemistry Dept.)
"Nanocrystals part B"

August 14
Jessica Freyer
(Luis Campos Group, Chemistry Dept.)
"Role of nitrogen-vacancy centers in spintronics"

August 21
Dr. Jia Chen
(Chris Marianetti Group, Materials Sceicne and Engineering Dept.)
"Electronic structure of spin-crossover molecules""