Course number: Materials 204
Spring Quarter 2009, M &W 8.30 - 9.45 am,  Phelps 1417


Instructor:   Nicola Spaldin, Room 3014 MRL x7920,
Office Hours:  Monday, Wednesday 11.00 am - noon. Room 3014 MRL

Grader:   Alison Hatt,
Office Hour:  Friday, 11 am. MRL 2236


1st half:
review of elementary magnetostatics
atomic origins of magnetism
ferro-, ferri-, para-, dia- and antiferro-magnetism
modern theories of magnetism

2nd half:
magnetic phenomena; survey of magnetic materials in technological applications

Grading will be determined by homework problems (30% of the grade), two in-class "mini mid-terms" (20% each), plus a writing assignment on a recent research article in magnetic materials (30%).


N. A. Spaldin, Magnetic materials; Fundamentals and device applications (Cambridge University Press, 2003). 


S. Blundell, Magnetism in condensed matter (Oxford University Press, 2003)
D. Jiles, Introduction to magnetism and magnetic materials (Chapman & Hall, 1996)
B. D. Cullity, Introduction to magnetic materials (Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass., 1972)


Extra class: Friday April 10th, 3 - 4 pm

First Mid-Term: April 15th in class.

Second Mid-Term: Monday May 11th in class.

Selection of Article for writing assignment: Wednesday May 13th.

Wednesday May 13th: Special Class Session. Alison will discuss writing Research/Researchers articles for the MRS Bulletin

Class cancelled: Wednesday May 27th

June 8th: Writing assignment due by e-mail to Alison and Nicola.  


Basic Magnetostatics: page 1  page 2  page 3  page 4  page 5  page 6  page 7  page 8  page 9  page 10  

Magnetism in Atoms; Diamagnetism: pdf file

Paramagnetism: pdf file

Ferromagnetism: pdf file

Ferromagnetic Domains: pdf file

Antiferromagnetism: pdf file

Ferrimagnetism: pdf file

Anisotropy: pdf file

Small particles: pdf file


Here is the summary of unit conversions. (From the NRL plasma formulary,, link on the left.)

Here is the summary of M-H curves and properties for different kinds of magnetic ordering.


Here is the first Homework assignment. Due in class on Wednesday April 8th. Here are the solutions.

Here is the second Homework assignment. Due in class on Monday April 20th. Here are the solutions.

Here is the third Homework assignment. Due in class on Wednesday April 29th.

Here are the solutions.

Here is the fourth Homework assignment. Due in class on Wednesday May 6th.

Here are the solutions.

Here is the fifth and final Homework assignment. Due in class (or to Alison soon after class time) on Wednesday May 13th.

The solutions are in the back of the text book.

Notice that, whenever the homework is a problem out of the text book, you'll find the solutions at the back of the book! You should have a go at the problem yourself, and if you get stuck, take a look at the solution, or come and ask me. Then you should attempt the final write-up without peeping at the solutions again. The purpose of the homework assignments is to give you some new things to think about which we'll then discuss in class, and to give you some practice in solving problems - obviously the points come almost for free....

Your final assignment for the class is to write a short article in the style of the "Research/Researchers" section of the MRS Bulletin about a recent paper in the area of Magnetic Materials which you find exciting/important. Alison has been writing for the Bulletin for a while and is an excellent resource to help you with this. We can also put you in touch with the editors at MRS Bulletin if you are interested in doing this on a regular basis. (Extra credit for anyone who gets this assignment published!)