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Group members past and present. Please click on photo thumbnails to see full-size image, then click 'next' or 'prev' to scroll through photos.




Current Postdocs:

Kris Delaney
kdelaney at mrl.ucsb.edu

Eric Bousquet
eric.bousquet at mrl.ucsb.edu


  2008 Group Photo

Current Graduate Students:

Alison Hatt
ajhatt at mrl.ucsb.edu

James Rondinelli
rondo at mrl.ucsb.edu

Sinead Griffin
sineadmgriffin at umail.ucsb.edu

Joshua Sayre
jdsayre at umail.ucsb.edu

  2007 Group Photo

Recent Visitors:

Antoine Georges

Karin Rabe

Craig Fennie

Silvia Picozzi

  2005 Group Photo

Former Group Members:

Massimiliano Stengel
stengel at mrl.ucsb.edu

Mahdi Sargolzaei
mahdi at mrl.ucsb.edu

Marjana Lezaic
m.lezaic at fz-juelich.de

Priya Gopal
priyag at mrl.ucsb.edu

Pio Baettig
baettig at mrl.ucsb.edu

Claude Ederer
edererc at tcd.ie

Rebecca Janisch
Rebecca.Janisch at rub.de

Stefano Sanvito
sanvitos at tcd.ie

Alessio Filippetti
alessio.filippetti at dsf.unica.it

Chuck Schelle
cschelle at windwardhigh.org

Kim Goto
kgoto at umail.ucsb.edu

Gerhard Theurich
theurich at sourcespring.net