The Segalman Group
Departments of Chemical Engineering and Materials, UC Santa Barbara


Welcome to the Segalman Group Website at Santa Barbara!

Professor Segalman discusses the group's research interests and move to UCSB in this short video produced by the UCSB College of Engineering:

We welcome you to look at our research interests and publications for a more in-depth look at what our group does. --!>
March 2015: Congratulations to Rachel on being selected to receive the 2015 Journal of Polymer Science Innovation Award.

March 2015: The UCSB College of engineering produced two short videos highlighting Professor Segalman's work at UCSB! Watch them here (~1 minute) and here (~2.5 minutes).

January 2015: Welcome to our new post-doc Haiyu Fang!

In Memoriam: Ed Kramer. Ed was a mentor and inspiration to many members of the Segalman group, and will be dearly missed.

December 2014: Welcome to our new graduate student from ChemE, Scott Danielson!

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