Safinya Group Pictures


Good News from Alumni:

Matriculation family photo

Former undergraduate researcher Ekene Akabike's matriculation into UC San Diego School of Medicine

Ekene class photo matriculation

Ekene Akabike (circle) with her class at UC San Diego School of Medicine

Group Photos:

Group Picture - Farewell Party for Ramsey Majzoub

Farewell Party for Ramsey Majzoub

From left to right: C. Liu, C. Tchounwou, P. Kohl, E. Wonder, V. Steffes, P. Chung, R. Majzoub, M. Zepeda

Safinya Group Alumni at a Gordon Conference

From left to right: U. Raviv, J. Deek, C. Leal, R. Beck-Barkai, G. Wong

Group Picture - Farewell Party for Rahau Shirazi and Chialing Chan

Farewell Party for Rahau Shirazi and Chialing Chan

From left to right standing: J. Korolenko, C. Chan, N. Bouxsein, B. Silva, C. Safinya, Y. Li, R. Shirazi, J. Deek, S. Nasseri
kneeling: T. Oyuela-Trachter, K. Ewert

Farewell Party for Heather Evans

From left to right: J. Irwin, U. Raviv, T. Ikawa, L. Hirst, J. Jones, M. Yasa, A. Zidovska, Y. Li, H. Evans, C. Safinya

A kind of reunion at the "Fyl Fest" in 1999

Standing: J. H. Kim, P. Davidson, H.-W. Schmidt, T. Salditt, G. Wong, Y. Li, C. Safinya, J. Rädler, G. Smith;
A. Ahmad, A. Lin.
Seated: R. Case, A. Martin-Herranz, T. Pfohl, K. Ewert, H. Evans, N. Slack

The very early Safinya Group setting up a spectrometer

Top row: J. Rädler, Keith, S. Idziak, C. Safinya; Bottom row: N. Slack, H. Warriner, I. Koltover

Nerdalicious Cakes:

For Nathan Bouxsein's graduation (cake by Joanna Deek)

From the Goodbye Party for MC and Roy (cake by Joanna Deek)

Life-cycle of a graduate student (Nelle Slack):

Nelle and Keith, shortly after joining the group

Nelle (with C. Safinya and T. Pfohl) "shortly" before leaving the group

Miscellaneous Pictures:

Berkeley wisdom for Exxon Research

Rahau Shirazi at her graduation with C. R. Safinya

Undergraduate J. Abby Oehler (right) presenting her poster with graduate student Jayna Jones

Heather saying goodbye to the group and the palm trees
on her way to a postdoc in Germany


Alumni Fun:

Washington, DC, is next for Heather and Ayesha visits

Now we can all recognize the location... Ayesha and Heather in front of a white building




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