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Chronological List of Research Highlights:

MVL5/GMO kit Avanti
Handbook of Lipid Membranes
Molecular, Functional, and Materials Aspects
Edited by C.R. Safinya and J.O. Rädler
A 3D Columnar Phase from
Stacking of Short DNAs
in CL–DNA Complexes
(Langmuir 2019)
Tau mediates microtubule bundle
architectures mimicking fascicles
of microtubules found in
the axon initial segment
(Nature Communications 2016)
Colocalization Analysis with Rab11 and Lysotracker Reveals Endosomal Pathway Preferences of
(J. Phys. Chem. B 2016)
MT-Tau PNAS plus paper
MVL5/GMO kit Avanti
Rab5 paper TOC graphic
RGD paper TOC graphic
Protein Tau confers short-range attractions and isoform-dependent steric stabilization to microtubules
(PNAS+ 2015)
Avanti Lipid Spotlight
on their new (2015) MVL5/GMO kit
for transfection at high serum content
(J. Gene Med. 2014;
Langmuir 2011; JACS 2010)
Investigating early
endosomal events with
a mutant Rab5-GFP
(Biochim. Biophys. Acta 2015)
RGD-tagging enhances
uptake and transfection efficiency of PEG-ylated
CL–DNA complexes

(Biomaterials 2014)
MT inside-out reassembly by spermine
MT inside-out reassembly
MVL5 Newsletter Avanti
NF hydrogel cartoon
shape transformation of
microtubules by spermine
(Nature Materials 2014)
Science Perspective on
inside-out microtubules
(Nat. Mat. 2014)
(Science 2014)
Our multivalent cationic lipid MVL5 was commercialized by
Avanti Lipids in 2013
(Biochemistry 2007; J. Med. Chem. 2002)
Modulation of neurofilament
sidearm interactions &
hydrogel properties
by ionic strength
(Nature Communications 2013)
Summary graphic HPEG paper
Phase Evolution
of Degradable
CL–DNA Complexes
(Langmuir 2012)
Low-pH labile PEG-lipids
Enhance Transfection Efficiency of PEGylated
CL–DNA Complexes

(Biomaterials 2012)
Surprising Stacking
and Ordering
of non-Sticky Short DNAs
in CL–DNA Complexes
(J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011)
Block Liposomes
from a Variety of
Multivalent Cationic Lipids
(Soft Matter 2011)
Gyroid Cubic Phase of
CL–siRNA Complexes
(J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010)
Gel-Expanded-Gel Condensed
Transition in
Neurofilament Networks
(Nature Materials 2010)
Synchrotron SAXS Studies of
the Interactions of
Microtubules and Tau Protein
(Biophys. J. 2009)
Transfection Enhancement
by Cholesterol and Analogs
(J. Phys. Chem. B 2009)
Langmuir 2009 cover
Cover of
Gene Therapy Protocols

featuring the LC-Phases of
CL–DNA complexes

(Book Chapter, 2008)
Discovery of
Block Liposomes
(Langmuir 2009)
Neurofilament Liquid
Crystalline Hydrogels
(Biophys. J. 2008)
Custom multivalent
cationic lipids
are superior
siRNA delivery agents
(Biochem. 2007)
News coverage featuring
the novel
HIC phase of
CL–DNA complexes
(JACS 2006)
Invitation to the 2005 SSRL
User Meeting featuring
microtubule bundles
and necklaces

(PNAS 2004)
Universal transfection behavior
of lamellar CL-DNA complexes
of mono- to pentavalent
cationic lipids
(J. Gene Med. 2005)

SSRL Science Highlight
Jan 2005 featuring
microtubule bundles
and necklaces

(PNAS 2004)

SSRL Science Highlight
Oct 2005 featuring
tubes from microtubule–
cationic lipid complexes

(PNAS 2005)
SSRL Science Highlight
Dec 2003 featuring
actin–α-actinin bundles
(PRL 2003)
Confocal Imaging of
cellular pathways of
CL-DNA complexes
(Biophys. J. 2003)
Science 2002:
News Focus on Drug Delivery
featuring CL-DNA complexes
Chem. Eng. News 2000
(Jun 19): News of the Week
featuring cationic lipid-actin
complexes (Science 2000)
Phys. Today 2000
featuring Lipid-DNA complexes
as examples of
DNA-inspired Electrostatics
Science 2000:
Editor's Choice

featuring Cationic lipid-
Polypeptide complexes
(JACS 2000)
Science 1998:
This Week in Science
featuring the inverse
hexagonal phase of
CL-DNA complexes
(Science 1998)
Science 1998:
PEG-lipid hydrogels
Science 1997: Perspective
featuring the formation of
lamellar CL-DNA complexes
(Science 1997)
Science 1997:
TOC featuring the
lamellar structure of
CL-DNA Complexes

(Science 1997)
Science 1996:
This Week in Science
PEG-lipid hydrogels
(Science 1996)
Phys. Today 1995:
Special issue: X-rays
100 years later
Algebraic decay of pair
correlation function in a stack
of fluid membranes due to
the Landau-Peierls effect
Science 1994:
This Week in Science
featuring the
XSF apparatus
(Science 1994)
Nature 1993: News and Views
Heat Proof Proteins
featuring heat-stable
layers of bacteriorhodopsin

(Nature 1993)

Science 1993:
This Week in Science
featuring lamellar
phases under flow
(Science 1993, PRL 1991)

Science 1993:
This Week in Science
featuring a Flat Phase in
Red Blood Cell Skeletons

(Science 1993)
Phys. Today 1989:
Search & Discovery section
featuring Synchrotron x-ray
scattering studies of Helfrich
undulation forces
in a stack of
fluid membranes (PRL 1986,
J. Phys. (Paris) 1988, PRL 1989)

Synchrotron x-ray studies
of freely suspended
stacked membranes:
structure of Lβ' phases
(PRL 1988, Science 1988,
JCP 1990)

Synchrotron x-ray studies
of freely suspended
discotic liquid crystal fibers
(PRL 1984)

Articles Featured on Journal Covers:

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Langmuir 2012 Biophys. J. 2009 J. Phys. Chem. B 2009 Langmuir 2009
Langmuir 2008 Human Frontier Science
Program Journal 2008
Biophys. J. 2007 Curr. Med. Chem. 2004
PRL 2003 Chem. Eng. News 2001
Cover Story on
Gene Delivery-
Without Viruses
Chem. Eng. News 2000 Curr. Opin. Colloid
& Surface Sci. 1998

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