Spring 2005: Matrl 265 Nanophase and nanoparticulate materials

Course flier: PDF file

Phelps 1417, Mondays and Wednesdays 11:00 am to 12:15 pm

For material from previous quarters, please look at:
Fall 2004 Materials100A
Winter 2005 Materials218

Date Description Notes
M 03/28 What is nano ? PDF
W 03/30 Structures in Colloidal Physical Chemistry J. Prost and F. Rondelez (hardcopy)
M 04/04 Langmuir and self-assembled monolayers PDF
W 04/06 Metals clusters in the gas phase PDF
M 04/11 Gold nanoparticles, and review questions PDF PDF
M 04/13 Quantum dots in solution PDF
M 04/18 Oxide nanoparticles (preparation) hardcopy (Review by Seshadri)
W 04/20 Magnetism in nanoparticles hardcopy
M 05/02 Carbon nanotubes PDF
W 05/04 Inorganic nanotubes and nanowires PDF
M 05/09 Nanophase materials (Gleiter) DOI
W 05/11 Molecular clusters, 2D sheets etc. and review questions PDF PDF

Please submit your (typically 5 page) term papers on the presentation topics by May 23rd

Presentation schedules:

Cara Beasley 16 May
Gary Braun 16 May
Donald Dunn 18 May
Katharine Page 18 May
Jeffrey Peet 23 May
Eric Pressly 23 May
Nicholas Strandwitz 30 May
Paul Wentzel 30 May
Jonathan Yuen 1 June

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