Fall 2005: Materials 286G (Special Topics) Structural Families of Functional Inorganic Materials

Course flier: PDF file

Phelps 1417, Mondays and Wednesdays 9:00 am to 10:15 am

For material from previous quarters, please look at:
Fall 2004 Materials100A
Winter 2005 Materials218
Spring 2005 Materials265

Date Description Notes
M 09/26 Simple structures, background ... PDF
W 09/28 Bond valence etc. PDF + handout
M 10/03 High Tc PDF and PDF
W 10/05 High Tc (continued, with notes from previous class) Diamond archive
M 10/10 Manganese perovskites and CMR PDF
W 10/12 Manganese perovskites contd. Also charge ordering.
M 10/17 Ordered perovskites and relaxor ferroelectrics PDF and PDF
W 10/19 Aurivillius and Dion-Jacobson PDF
M 10/24 No class
W 10/26 Fluorite, stabilized zirconia, pyrochlore, murataite ... PDF + PDF
M 10/31 Ice, spinels, pyrochlore and spin-ice PDF + DOI
W 11/2 Spinels, charge-ordering, garnets, magnetoplumbite, hollandite +
Addendum on spinel ferromagnetism
M 11/07 Half-Heuslers, Heuslers, half-metallic ferromagnetism PDF
M 11/09 Intermetallic structures PDF
M 11/14 Metallic glasses, quasicrystals, Frank-Kasper phases ... PDF
W 11/16 Quasicrystals + foams PDF + URL
M 11/21 The SiO4 building block PDF
W 11/22 Student Talks: Higher dimensional crystallograhy, Hydride materials, Hybrid Perovskites PDF PDF PDF
M 11/28 Student Talks: Bronzes, Thin Films, Polytetrahedral Order PDF PDF PDF

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