Spring 2006: Materials 209BL: X-ray Diffraction I

Course flier: PDF file

Phelps 1417, Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm

Ram's Office Hours:T and R 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm.


Web resources:

Fourier Transforms from Eric Weissteins's World of Mathematics LINK

Interactive tutorial about diffraction at the University of Würzburg, Germany (where Röntgen originally discovered X-rays) LINK


Date Description Notes
T 04/04 No class (to be made up)
R 04/06 No class (to be made up)
T 04/11 Symmetry (mostly from Hammond) Handout
R 04/13 Symmetry (mostly from Hammond) Handout
T 04/18 Miller indices (Cullity and Hammond) Handout
R 04/20 Reciprocal lattice and stereographic projections (Cullity and Hammond) Handout
T 04/25 Diffraction and the Ewald sphere (Cullity and Hammond) Handout
R 04/27 No class (to be made up)
T 05/02 Form and structure factor (Cullity and Hammond) Handout
R 05/04 The CCP14 Suite, indexing with Treol, ITO, DicVol ... Demo
R 05/05 (MRL 2048, 2:00 pm) Pattern matching with FullProf Demo
T 05/09 XND, Rietveld, Scherrer broadening Demo
R 05/11 Single Crystal/CCD Demo
F 05/12 (MRL 2048, 2:00 pm) DIFFaX Demo
T 05/16 Fourier, Pattersons, and direct methods (Stout and Jensen) Handout
R 05/18 Small angle diffraction from a lamellar phase Demo (MRL)
T 05/23 Thermodiffraction Demo (MRL)
R 05/25 Thin film diffraction Demo (MRL)
T 05/30 Synchrotrons and anomalous scattering Handout
R 06/1 Neutron diffraction Handout
T 06/6 More on 1D Crystallography and Direct methods Handout
R 06/8 Pair distribution functions Handout