ram seshadri group: 2007 Materials 218

Winter 2007: Materials 218/Chem 227: Introduction to Inorganic Materials

Course outline: PDF

Phelps 1417, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 am to 10:55 am

Ram's Office Hours (MRL 3008): T and R 10:45 am to 12:00 noon.

Course grader: Katharine Page (kpage@mrl) x5770, Room: MRL 3117A


Date Description DOI links Notes Assignment
T 01/09 Crystals that breathe PDF DOI and DOI
R 01/11 Classification of materials and crystallization PDF DOI, DOI, DOI, and DOI Yes PDF
T 01/16 No class (to be made up)
R 01/18 No class (to be made up)
T 01/23 Symmetry and crystallography PDF + PDF + PDF + Galen PDF Yes
R 01/25 Crystal Structures I PDF + PDF Yes PDF
T 01/30 Crystal Structures II PDF + PDF Yes PDF
W 01/31, 6:00 pm Crystal Structures III PDF + PDF DOI + DOI No
R 02/01 Structures and bond valence (continued)
T 02/06 Interactions in solids PDF DOI Yes
R 02/08 Energy bands I PDF Yes
T 02/13 Energy bands II PDF Yes
R 02/15 Energy bands (contd.) DOI PDF
T 02/20 In-class midterm
R 02/22 Electronic structures (contd.)
T 02/27 Magnetism PDF
T 03/01 Magnetism II PDF Yes PDF
T 03/06 Phase transitions and polar materials PDF PDF
R 03/08 High TC superconductors PDF
R 03/15 Magnetoresistance in perovskite manganese oxides PDF

Special stuff for 200B: Class on Soft Matter

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