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ram seshadri group: 2009_218

Winter 2009: MATRL 218/Chem 277: Introduction to inorganic materials

Course outline: PDF

Phelps 1417, T & R, 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm: Office hours following class or by appointment


The VESTA Crystal Structure drawing package (and more): Download and install from here. This program works on all platforms. It is required for assignments.

Database of some crystal structures to be found here. The cif files that can be downloaded are directly read by VESTA.

A demo version of the principal database of Inorganic Crystal Structure is available at FIZ Inorganic Crystal Structure Database

Space groups and symmetry information: Birbeck College SG diagrams and tables and cctbx symmetry information, SgInfo gateway and the Bilbao Crystallographic Server

Plane group sketcher (requires Java): "escher"

CRC Handbook of Physics and Chemistry online (useful physical and chemical data including solid state properties). CCRC Online

PDF file of bond valence parameters including the exponential bond valence relationship, and the source cif file: CIF from CCP14


Date Description Notes Resources
T 1/6 Introduction: Some new superconductors PDF Nobel, doi, doi, doi, doi,
R 1/8 Classification, glasses etc. PDF + handouts doi, doi, doi, doi, doi, doi,
T 1/13 Symmetry PDF + handouts PDF, PDF, assignment 1
R 1/15 Symmetry (contd.) jpg
T 1/20 Structures 1 PDF PDF, assignment 2
W 1/21 (5:00 pm) Structures 3 PDF doi, doi, doi, PDF
R 1/22 Structures 3 PDF assignment 3
T 1/27 No class
R 1/29 Structures (contd.)
T 2/3 Cohesion PDF + handouts
R 2/5 Cohesion (contd.)
T 2/10 Midterm
R 2/12 Orbitals, electronic structure PDF + handouts assignment 4
T 2/17 Cohesion PDF + handouts doi
R 2/19 Cohesion
T 2/24 Magnetism PDF + handouts
R 2/26 Magnetism and polar materials PDF assignment 5
T 3/3 No class
R 3/5 Polar materials
T 3/10 High TC and CMR PDF
R 3/12 High TC and CMR

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