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Spring 2010: Ethics seminar for IGERT students:

MRL Room 2048, Th 5:00 pm to 6:15 pm

We shall adopt the prescription used in 2005 by Professor Roy Smith of the ECE Department to teach ECE 290.

The material for the course has been developed over the years by Muriel Bebeau of the University of Minnesota along with Kenneth D. Pimple, Karen M. T. Muskavitch, Sandra L. Borden, and David H. Smith, at Indiana University's Poynter Center.

Please download this PDF booklet (86 pages) from: http://poynter.indiana.edu/mr/mr.pdf Read the 7 page article by Dr. Bebeau (starting around page 15) and then for the different seminars, read the cases as specified.


Date Description
R 4/15 Discuss the article: "Developing a well-reasoned response ..."
R 4/22 Discuss the Jessica Banks case
R 4/29 Discuss the Charlie West case
R 5/6 Discuss the Bob Bailey case
R 5/13 Discuss the Chair's response in the Bob Bailey case + ACS ethical guidelines: PDF

For material from previous quarters, please look at:

Winter 2003: Materials/218/Chemistry 277
Spring 2003: Materials 286C
Fall 2003: Materials 225
Fall 2003: 100A
Winter 2004: Chemistry 173B
Winter 2004: Materials 218/Chemistry 277
Fall 2004: Materials100A
Winter 2005: Materials218/Chemistry 277
Spring 2005: Materials265
Fall 2005: Materials286G
Winter 2006: Materials218/Chemistry
Spring 2006: Materials209BL
Winter 2007: Materials218/Chemistry 277
Spring 2007: Materials 265
Fall 2007: Materials 100A
Special stuff for 200B, 2008: Class on Soft Matter & Non-crystalline materials
Winter 2008: Materials 218/Chem 277
Spring 2008: Materials 286G
Fall 2008: Materials 265
Winter 2009: Materials 218
Spring 2009: Chemistry 2C
Winter 2010: Materials 218

This page: http://www.mrl.ucsb.edu/~seshadri/2010_286G.html