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ram seshadri: 2014 286G

Spring 2014: MATRL 286G: Structural Families of Functional Materials

Course outline: PDF

Engr1335, M & W, 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm: Office hours following class or by appointment


Date Description Resources
M 3/31 Simple structures and Pauling's rules: PDF DOI | DOI | DOI| DOI|
W 4/2 Close packings and semiconductors: PDF DOI | DOI
M 4/7 No class (will be made up)
M 4/9 Heuslers, half-metals, topological insulators: PDF | PDF DOI | DOI | DOI | DOI
M 4/14 No class (will be made up)
W 4/16 Superconductivity and R-P phases: PDF | PDF
Zip of VESTA files for m = 1, 2, 3, & ∞ Ruddlesden-Popper phases: (SrTiO3)m(SrO)
M 4/21 Superconductivity (the Hiroi tutorial) PDF | PDF
W 4/23 Non-metal to metal transitions: PDF Article by Imada et al. | DOI | DOI | DOI | DOI | DOI | DOI
M 4/28 Crystal growth (Dr. John Mitchell from Argonne)
W 4/30 Non-metal to metal transitions (contd.) Reviews on percolation: 1 + 2 + 3 +
M 5/5 Manganites and CMR PDF + PDF DOI | DOI | DOI
W 5/7 Ferroics PDF | PDF | PDF DOI | DOI | DOI | DOI | DOI | DOI
M 5/12 More ferroics + Aurivillius: pdf + elpasolites: pdf
W 5/14 Thermoelectrics: pdf DOI | DOI | DOI
M 5/19 Batteries: pdf from Professor Clare Grey
Littlewood talk on storage and oxides PDF
W 5/21 Magnetism in oxides Book by Dionne: PDF from Springer

Student Topic
Wednesday May 28th
Bechtel, Jonathon Off-centering distortions in thermoelectrics: pptx
Harrington, Sean Heusler half-metals: pptx
Need, Ryan Heusler thermoelectrics: ppt
Monday June 2nd
Butala, Megan Transition metal oxidation states and Li-batteries: pptx
Lamontagne, Leo Comparing magnetic SrMO3 perovskites: M = 3d vs. 4d.: pptx
Elliott, William Spin-orbit coupling in heavy semiconductors: pptx
Evanko, Brian Cu chalcogenide PV materials: pptx
Wednesday June 4th
Foronda, Humberto Pb-free piezoelectrics: pptx
Griffiths, Steven Polytypism in SiC: pptx
Kadjos, Adam Dielectric tunability in perovskite oxides: pdf
Latture, Ryan Simulated annealing methods in structure determination: pptx
Monday June 9th
Logan, John Topological insulators
Mackie, Katherine Transparent conducting oxides
Pennachio, Daniel Inducing a band gap in graphene/BN heterostructures
Haakonsen, Verner III-V nanowires
Raa, Kristoffer High-TC superconductivity