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ram seshadri group: archive of older group pictures

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October 2004: (L—R) Aditi Risbud, Efrain Rodriguez, Brent Melot, Katharine Page, Richard McRoy, Christina Borgese, Ram, Eric Toberer, Dr. Ombretta Masala June 2005: (L—R) Thomas Schladt, Dr. Jun Li, Katharine Page, Eric Toberer, Christina Schade, Brent Melot, Ram October 2006: (L—R) Joshua Furman, Daniel Shoemaker, Brent Melot, Dr. Jun Li, Madeleine Grossman, Jessica Lehrman, Dr. Young-Il Kim, Ram, Dr. Srinivasa Thimmaiah
February 2007: (L—R) Thomas Schladt, Daniel Shoemaker, Joshua Furman, Christina Schade, Ram, Katharine Page, Brent Melot, Dr. Young-Il Kim, Madeleine Grossman, Dr. Jun Li, Dr. Srinivasa Thimmaiah October 2007: (L—R) Joshua Kurzman, Dr. Petra Simoncic, Brent Melot, Professor Gustavo Hirata, Timo Schüller, Dr. Young-Il Kim, Dr. Won Bin Im, Dr. Jun Li, Ram, Katharine Page, Daniel Shoemaker, Madeleine Grossman, Jennifer Drewes January 2008: (L—R) Brent Melot, Dr. Jun Li, Ram. Dr. Serena Corr, Ivana Sabaj Abumohor, Dr. Young-Il Kim, Katharine Page, Timo Schüller, Jennifer Drewes, Dr. Won Bin Im, Dr. Petra Simoncic, Daniel Shoemaker, Joshua Kurzman
June 2008: (L—R) Dr. Jun Li, Ms. Keri Santos, Dr. Won Bin Im, Jenny Diep, Willie Wesley, Brent Melot, Katharine Page, Dr. Young-Il Kim, Joshua Kurzman, Dr. Serena Corr, Ram, Mr. John Gonzalez, Daniel Shoemaker February 2009: (L—R) Ram, Daniel Shoemaker, Jennifer Drewes, Rashi Singh, Madeleine Grossman, Zappa Kurzman, Joshua Kurzman, Brent Melot, Dr. Won Bin Im, Dr. Serena Corr. Sitting/kneeling: Zappa Kurzman and Joshua Kurzman. October 2009: (L—R) Daniel Shoemaker, Professor Catherine Oertel, Brent Melot, Lucy Darago, Dr. Won Bin Im, Phillip Barton, Amelie Revaux, Katharina Förg, Ram. Sitting/kneeling: Zappa Kurzman and Joshua Kurzman.
January 2010: (L—R) Professor Barbara Albert, Nils, Phillip Barton, Brent Melot, Dr. Won Bin Im, Joshua Kurzman, Zappa Kurzman, César Parra, Daniel Shoemaker, Stephanie Moffitt, Ram, Lucy Darago, Christine Link, Nathan George September 2010: (L—R) James Neilson, Joshua Kurzman, Andrea Knöller, Lucy Darago, Moureen Kemei, Dr. Young-Si Jun, Kristin Denault, Lauren Misch, Brent Melot, Nathan George, Ram, Daniel Shoemaker, Dr. Mao-Sheng Miao, Phillip Barton February 2011: (L—R) Dr. Mao=Sheng Miao, Lucy Darago, Verena Schendel, Nathan George, Zappa Kurzman, Joshua Kurzman, Lauren Misch, Kristin Denault, Sara Paden, Stephanie Moffitt, Phillip Barton, Ram, Moureen Kemei, Francisco Contreras
October 2011: (L—R) Zappa Kurzman, Joshua Kurzman, Ram, Diamond George, Nathan George, Stephanie Moffitt, Dr. Mao-Sheng Miao, Michael Gaultois, Dr. Christina Birkel, Phillip Barton, Rujirat Longloilert, Kimberly See, Aditi Krishnapriyan, Moureen Kemei, Abby Goldman, Dr. Alexander Birkel, Lauren Misch, Lucy Darago, Jason Douglas, Kristin Denault September 2012: (L—R) Dr. Mao-Sheng Miao, Aditi Krishnapriyan, Dr. Taylor Sparks, Atticus Sparks, Nick DeCino, Kimberly See, Zhihuan (William) Cheng, Nathan George, Diamond George, Phllip Barton, Kristin Denault, Jason Douglas, Ram, Bethany Lettiere, Dr. Alexander Birkel, Moureen Kemei, Dr. Jakoah Brgoch, Dr. Chritina Birkel, Michael Gaultois, Christopher Borg, Lauren Misch, José Mirande de Carvalho March 2013: (L—R) Moureen Kemei, Jason Douglas, Ram, Kristin Denault, Dr. Taylor Sparks, Michael Gaultois, Nathan George, Christopher Borg, Nick DeCino, Bethany Lettiere, Aditi Krishnapriyan Dr. Maosheng Miao, Jonathan Birkel, Dr. Christina Birkel, Dr, Alex Birkel, Lauren Misch, Phillip Barton, Kimberly See, Dr. Jakoah Brgoch, Margaret Lumley, Megan Butala. In front, Diamond George.
November 2013: Left to Right, standing: Roman Pobel, Simon Kloß, Lauren Misch, Nathan George, Jason Douglas, Moureen Kemei, Dr. Jakoah Brgoch, Kimberly See, Sara Smock, Phillip Barton, Kristin Denault, Megan Butala, Jaye Harada, Aditi Krishnapriyan, Leo Lamontagne, Ram. Left to Right, sitting/kneeling: Diamond George, Bethany Lettiere, Michael Gaultois L—R, back: Ram, Jonathon Bechtel, Jaye Harada, Sara Smock, Lauren Misch, Jason Douglas, Dr. Jakoah Brgoch. L—R, middle: Michael Gaultois, Nick DeCino, Megan Butala, Moureen Kemei, Kimberly See, Leo Lamontagne. L—R, front: Bethany Lettiere, Claire-Alice Hébert, Margaret Lumley, Dr. Anna Lehner and Caspar, Kristin Denault. October 2014: Left to right: Jonathon Bechtel, Mandi Buffon, Ram, Margaret Lumley, Steven Cabral, Claire-Alice Hébert, Douglas Fabini, Clayton Cozzan, Michael Gaultois, Jaye Harada, Hayden Evans, Sara Smock, Kristin Denault, Dr. Anna Lehner, Leo Lamontagne, and Megan Butala. Missing: Jason Douglas.
April 2015: Left to Right: Claudia Göbel, Dr. Geneva Laurita, Margaret Lumley, Ram, Mandi Buffon, Sara Smock, Claire-Alice Hébert, Michael Knight, Douglas Fabini, Clayton Cozzan, Hayden Evans, Jaye Harada, Jonathon Bechtel, Jason Douglas, Chritina Garcia, Michael Gaultois, Demetrious Lloyd, Dr, Anna Lehner, Leo Lamontagne, and Megan Butala. L—R: Leo Lamontagne, Claudia Göbel (visiting from LMU, Munich), Ram, Dr. Geneva Laurita, Douglas Fabini, Michael Knight, Sara Smock, Emily Levin, Hayden Evans, Brian Barraza, Dr. Vicky Doan-Nguyen, Jason Douglas, Joshua Bocarsly, Molleigh Preefer, Jonathon Bechtel, Clayton Cozzan, and Megan Butala. L-R: Leo Lamontagne, Malinda Buffon, Dr. Geneva Laurita, Ram, Jonathon Bechtel, Molleigh Preefer, Joshua Bocarsly, Michael Knight, Douglas Fabini, Emily Levin, Brian Barraza, Dr. Vicky Doan-Nguyen, Hayden Evans, Clayton Cozzan, Dr. Jason Grebenkemper, and Megan Butala.
Interns, summer 2016 (L to R): Linus Haglund (Chalmers, Sweden), Shiri Arnon (Chem. Engg., UCSB), Kai Rochlus (Saarland University, Germany), Catrina Wilson (Chemistry, UCSB), Nicholas O'Dea (Physics, UCSB), Minue Perez (Cal State Long Beach), Shahryar Mooraj (Physics,UCSB), and Brenda Ontiveros (UT El Paso). Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, February 2017: L—R: (Humans) Ram, leo Lamontagne, Kira Wyckoff, Douglas Fabini, Brian Barraza, Nicole Michenfelder-Schauser, Emily Levin, Dr. Jason Grebenkemper, Jonathon Bechtel, Dr. Vicky Doan-Nguyen, Dr. Geneva Laurita, Megan Butala, Malinda Buffon, Clayton Cozzan, Molleigh Preefer, and Hayden Evans; (Canines) Kamia and Pixie. Not in picture: Emily Schueller. Interns, February 2017 (L to R): Ram, Catrina Wilson, Michael Brady, Mitchell Koerner, Shiri Arnon, Shahryar Mooraj, Ramsey Issa, Jessica Andrews, Christina Garcia, Nicholas O'Dea, and Margaux Everingham.
Group, May 2018
Group, October 2017 (L to R): Ram, Hayden Evans, Dr. Jason Grebenkemper, Nicole Michenfelder-Schauser, Douglas Fabini, Emily Schueller, Joshua Bocarsly, Clayton Cozzan, Sam Teicher, Emily Levin, Leo Lamontagne, Jonathon Bechtel, Molleight Preefer and Brian Barraza (sitting). Canines: Kamia, Tigre, and Pixie. Interns, October 2017 (L to R): Ramsey Issa, Ali Mahdi, Catrina Wilson, Nichola O'Dea, Christina Garcia, Margaux Everingham, Jennifer Andrews, Michael Brady, Gabi Kliegle, Shahryar Mooraj, Mitchell Koerner, and Ram The research group and friends in May 2018: (L to R rear) Ram, Clayton Cozzan, Jonathan Bechtel, Sam Teicher, Joshua Bocarsly, Douglas Fabini, Dr. Jason Grebenkemper, Professor Anthony Cheetham FRS, Dr. Yue Wu (Cheetham Group at NUS). (L to R front) Hayden Evans, Nicole Michenfelder-Schauser, Dr. Joya Cooley, Dr. Kartik Pilar, Emily Schueller, Molleigh Preefer, and Emily Levin. Canines: Pixie and Tigre.
Interns, May 2018 (L to R): Ram, Mitchell Koerner, Gabi Kliegle, Anthony O'Dea, Jessica Andres, Michael Brady, Catrina Wilson, Christina Garcia, Ali Mahdi, Ramsey Issa The research group in September 2019: Back row (L to R): Dr. Dongwook Lee, Nicole Schauser, Nelson Moreno, Justin Meyer, Linus Kautzsch, Emily Schueller. Middle row (L to R): William Zhang, Gabi Kliegle, Joshua Bocarsly, Kira Wyckoff, Dr. Pratap Vishnoi, Sam Teicher, Dr. Lingling Mao, Ram. Front rows (L to R): Weiheng (Frank) Fu, Justin Lin, Ruining Zhang, Dr. Kartik Pilar, Yuzki Oey, Rebecca Vincent, Emily Levin, Molleigh Preefer, Dr. Joya Cooley, Sam Teicher, Emily Morgan, Dr. Lingling Mao, Jadon Bienz. The research group meeting virtually in February 2021: Top row: Aurland Hay, Ram, Sam Teicher, Nelson Moreno; Second row: Dr. Lingling Mao, Prof. Sir Tony Cheetham FRS, Farnaz Kaboudvand (co-advised with Stephen Wilson), Rebecca Vincent; Third row: Justin Mayer, Ashlea Patterson (co-advised with Raphaële Clément), Kira Wyckoff, Dr. Eve Mozur; Bottom row: Linus Kautzsch (co-advised with Stephen Wilson), Yuzki Oey, Bailey Rhodes (Dan Gianola group), Emily Morgan
September 2021, L—R, rear: Aidan O'Reilly, Linus Kautzsch, Justin Mayer, Gabrielle Carrell, Dr. Juan Chamorro, Sam Teicher, Ram; middle: Yuzki Oey, Emily Morgan, Kira Wyckoff, Aurland Hay; front: Dr. Arava Zohar, Dr. Eve Mozur, Dr. Ya Zhuo, Ashlea Patterson, Rebecca Vincent, Farnaz Kaboudvand