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ram seshadri: teaching

Spring 2018: Materials 286G: Functional Inorganic Materials

Time and Place: M W 3:30 pm to 4:45 pm, Materials Lecture Room.

Office hours: After class or by appointment.


Printable (PDF) periodic table from NIST with electronic configurations.

Interactive periodic table with effective ionic radii (Shannon-Prewitt).

The VESTA Crystal Structure drawing package (and more): Download and install from here. This program works on all platforms.

Database of some mineral crystal structures. The cif files that can be downloaded are directly read by VESTA.

A demo version of the principal database of Inorganic Crystal Structures is available at FIZ Inorganic Crystal Structure Database

CRC Handbook of Physics and Chemistry online (useful physical and chemical data including solid state properties). CRC Online

PDF file of bond valence parameters including the exponential bond valence relationship, and the source cif file: CIF from CCP14

Class schedule:

Date topic, files etc
M 4/2 Ruddlesden-Popper phases
W 4/4 High-TC superconductivity in copper oxides
Zip of oxide structures vesta files + RP and high-TC and CMR + More notes on superconductovity
M 4/9 Finish superconductivity, and discuss colossal manetoresistance (CMR)
Yet more notes on superconductovity + Key DOIs and links: Bednorz-Müller Nobel Lecture | Hwang, lattice effects in Mn oxides | Strain effects in Mn oxides | Local structure in LaMnO3
W 4/11 Insulator-to-metal transitions I
M 4/16 Insulator-to-metal transitions II
Key DOIs for MIT: Edwards and Sienko on universality | Percolation in composites | Review by Imada, Fujimori, and Tokura | Disorder by Lee and Ramakrishnan
W 4/18 Key DOIs for chalk talks: LiTi2O4 for Mitchell | The Nagaosa paper referenced by Kaveh |
M 4/23 Polar materials and ferroelectrics-1 | Polar materials and ferroelectrics-2
W 4/25 Key DOIs for chalk talks: 1, 2, and 3 for Eli on Cd2Re2O7 | 1a, 1b, 2, and 3 for Salva on MITs in thin-film perovskites.
M 4/30 Lone Pairs | Aurivillius
W 4/2 No class
M 5/7 Presentations by Julia and Sam. Papers for Julia on GaV4S8: 1 and 2. Document from Sam: PDF with links.
W 5/9 Presentation by Sam (continued) and semiconductors, Heuslers, etc.: PDF
M 5/14 Semiconductors, Heuslers, etc. continued.
W 5/16 Presentations by Emily Schueller (magnetic PDF) and Nicole Schauser (thinking about cathodes)
M 5/21 Thermal transport and thermoelectrics: PDF
W 5/30 Final Presentations
M 6/4 Final Presentations
W 6/6 Final Presentations

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