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ram seshadri: teaching

Winter 2018: Materials 218

Time and Place: M W 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm, Materials Lecture Room.

Office hours: After class or by appointment.


Emily Schueller eschueller@mrl.ucsb.edu is the reader for the course. Please email her to set up appointments.

Course Outline

Suggested reference for the earlier parts of the class: Basics of Crystallography and Diffraction (4th Edn.), C. Hammond, Oxford IUCr (any edition).

International Tables for Crystallography Volume A: Space-group symmetry

Printable (PDF) periodic table from NIST with electronic configurations. Please keep a printout with you.

Plane group sketcher (requires Java): "escher"

Gorgeous wikipedia page on Wallpaper (2D) groups.

Interactive periodic table with effective ionic Shannon-Prewitt) radii, hosted locally.

The VESTA Crystal Structure drawing package (and more): Download and install from here. This program works on all platforms. It is required for assignments.

Database of some mineral crystal structures. The cif files that can be downloaded are directly read by VESTA.

A demo version of the principal database of Inorganic Crystal Structures is available at FIZ Inorganic Crystal Structure Database

CRC Handbook of Physics and Chemistry online (useful physical and chemical data including solid state properties). CRC Online

PDF file of bond valence parameters including the exponential bond valence relationship, and the source cif file: CIF from CCP14

Oxide Crystal Structures

Class schedule:

Date topic, files etc
W 1/17 Classification, glasses, quasicrystals, etc. | Handout
Papers (DOI): Colloids: Lekkerkerker, CRN: Zachariasen, RCP: Duwez, Quasicrystals: Mackay + Schecthman + Jannsen + Tsai
M 1/22 Symmetry and crystallography | Handout 2 | Handout 3 | Faujasite: faujasite.vesta + faujasite.png | IUCr-Symmetry | 2D Plane Groups
M 1/22 Assignment 1 (due 1/29/2018)
M 1/22 Coding assignment: (Teams of 2 students OK, due 2/5/2018): The Radial Distribution Function g(r) (wiki) can sometimes be obtained through appropriate Fourier transformation of experimental X-ray or neutron scattering, and is a powerful technique to compare the local structure of liquids or glasses with those of crystals. Write code in any language (Matlab, Mathematica, python) to calculate g(r) for a (a) finite system of 100×100 points on a square lattice with unit separation between points, and (b) for a random arrangement of 10,000 points generated within a square that is 100 unit lengths on edge.
W 1/24 Class by Joshua Bocarsly: More symmetry, glide lines and planes, rotoinversion, screw axes and 2D plane groups
Please print and bring to class: Space Groups 1 + Space Groups 2
M 1/29 Structures 1 | Stackings: PDF | Assignment 2 (due 2/5/2018)
W 1/31 Structures 1 (contd.) and Structures 2 + Handout 4
M 2/1 Finish Structures 2 and Structures 3 | Discussion on Bond Valence Sums (please see the Oxide Structures pdf | Assignment 3 (due 2/12/2018) | The assignment needs NbO.cif and CuO.cif
W 2/7 Perovskite tilting + Cohesion 1
M 2/13 No class
W 2/15 Midterm
W 2/21 Cohesion 1 (contd.) + Cohesion 2

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