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Fall 2014: MATRL 286K, Special Topics in Inorganic Materials: Non-metal to Metal Transitions

Course outline: PDF + + Place and time: Engr. 1335, M & W, 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm.

Course flier:

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Key references:

  1. C. Kittel, Introduction to Solid State Physics
  2. R. Zallen, The Physics of Amorphous Solids
  3. The review by Imada, Fujimori, and Tokura: doi
  4. The review by Edwards and Sienko: doi
  5. Zaanen, Sawatzky, and Allen: doi
  6. Hubbard: doi


Date Subject
M 10/6 A survey of key issues: Counting electrons, screening, Herzfeld criterion (PPTX)
W 10/8 No class (to be made up).
M 10/13 No class (to be made up).
W 10/15 The filling-driven Mott transition, and the Mott formula (PPTX)
M 10/20 Percolation, Anderson localization (PPTX)
W 10/22 Correlated insulators and the Hubbard Model. (PPTX)
M 10/27 No class (to be made up).
W 10/29 No class (to be made up).
M 11/3 Mott-Hubbard vs. Charge-transfer (PPTX)
W 11/5 Driving M-I transitions (PPTX)
W 11/5 Assignment 1: (PDF) (please turn in, in a week)
M 11/10 The manganese oxide perovskites: (PPTX)
W 11/12 LnNiO3 and LnCoO3 (PPTX)
M 11/17 VO2 (PPTX)
W 11/19 Oxide superconductors (PPTX)
M 11/24 Fe3O4 and other Fe oxides (PPTX)
W 11/26 Techniques (PPTX)
M 12/1 Structure and local structure (PPTX)
W 12/3 4d and 5d (PPTX)

Final Presentations:

Date Name: Topic
M 12/8 Bjaalie, Lars: Rare-earth titanates
M 12/8 Butakov, Nikita: Thermal, electrical, photo, and X-ray induced phase transitions in VO2
M 12/8 Flaherty, William: Iridates
M 12/10 Freeze, Christopher: M—I transition in rare-earth nickelates and the impact of structural distortions
M 12/10 Lamontagne, Leo:
M 12/10 Latture, Ryan: Percolation and M—I transitions
M 12/15 Raghavan, Santosh: Correlations between structure and transport in BaTiO3: Polarons
M 12/15 Rice, Anthony: Seebeck measurements as a probe of electronic structure

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