Stemmer Research Group
Functional oxide thin films and advanced structural characterization techniques

Oxide Thin Film Growth

Sputter Deposition

Stemmer Group Sputter Deposition Lab in ESB (rm 3314, x4829). The ESB sputter lab houses three UHV sputter deposition systems for complex oxide and metal thin film growth. All users of this lab must read and sign the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Complex Oxide Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Two oxide MBE systems (both are Veeco Gen 930's) in UCSB's MBE laboratory for growth of complex oxide thin films

MBE talk schedules.


Structural Characterization

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

UCSB FEI Titan TEM/STEM is located in the Microscopy Facility (CNSI building/Elings Hall)