Stemmer Research Group
Functional oxide thin films and advanced structural characterization techniques

Research Group

September 2012
From left to right: Susanne, CJ, Junwoo, Tyler, Evgeny, Gift, Jinwoo, Adam, Dan, Jack, Mandi, Chris, Santosh, Pouya (missing: Adam K.)

Current Group Members

Susanne Stemmer (x 6128, stemmer at


Dr. Timo Schumann (Schumann.Timo at MBE of perovskite and spin-orbit materials

Dr. Honggyu Kim (kyuya380 at STEM techniques and characterization

Dr. Luca Galletti (galletti at Quantum material transport

Graduate Students:

Christopher Freeze (chris_freeze at oxide MBE, tunable dielectrics

Patrick Marshall (pmarshall at oxide MBE, tunnel devices

Manik Goyal (manikgoyal273 at spin-orbit materials by MBE

Omor Shoron (omor_shoron at oxide MBE and oxide devices

Kaveh Ahadi (ahadi_kaveh at oxide MBE

David Kealhofer (david.kealhofer at MBE

Salva Salmani Rezaie (salva at STEM techniques and characterization

Nick Combs ( oxide MBE

Wangzhou Wu ( oxide MBE

Administrative Assistant: Joanne McNie (x5366, mtrl-asst at

Alumni (current affiliation)

Dr. Santosh Raghavan (MaxLinear)

Dr. Evgeny Mikheev (Stanford)

Dr. Jack Zhang (Continental)

Professor Varistha (Gift) Chobpattana (Rajamangala University of Technology)

Dr. Tyler Cain (Carbonics, Inc.)

Dr. Adam Kajdos (Sila Nanotechnologies)

Dr. Clayton Jackson (HRL)

Professor Jinwoo Hwang (The Ohio State University)

Professor Adam Hauser (University of Alabama)

Dr. Ryota Shimizu (Visitor from Tohoku University)

Dr. Pouya Moetakef (NASA)

Professor Junwoo Son (POSTECH)

Dr. Yoontae Hwang (Samsung)

Professor Bharat Jalan (University of Minnesota)

Professor James LeBeau (North Carolina State University)

Professor Roman Engel-Herbert (Penn State University)

Professor Tae-Yeon Seong (sabbatical visitor from Korea University)

Mr. Nick Wright

Dr. Nicholas Rudawski (University of Florida)

Dr. Joel Cagnon

Dr. Melody Agustin (Pacific Gas and Electric Company)

Dr. Jiwei Lu (University of Virginia)

Dr. Steffen Schmidt (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat, Munchen, Germany)

Ms. Yan Yang (Unity Semiconductor)

Dr. Zhiqiang Chen (Portland State University)

Dr. Young-Woo Ok (Georgia Tech)

Mr. Sean Keane

Dr. Dmitri Klenov (FEI Corp.)

Mr. Nick Finstrom (Hutchinson Technology Inc.)

Mr. Damien Boesch (Vitex Systems)