General information
  Rail modes: Light Rail (LR)
  Number of light rail lines: 3
    Blue, Red, Streetcar
  Operating agencies:  
    Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (Tri-Met) - operates 2 LR lines (Blue and Red)
    Portland Streetcar - operates 1 LR line (Streetcar)
  Number of light rail stations: 49 + Streetcar stops
  Light rail bi-directional route length: 65 km (40 mi)
  Annual light rail ridership (2001): 23.8 million
System maps
  Light rail: Tri-Met map and Portland Streetcar map
  Downtown map showing all rail lines and stations in Downtown Portland.
  Tri-Met system map showing all rail lines and stations in the entire metropolitan area.
Transfer points and connections to other transportation systems
  Connections between light rail lines
    Transfers between any two of the three lines can be made at Galleria and Library on Blue/Red lines and adjacent Streetcar stops at Alder and Taylor.  Gateway Transit Center is another convenient transfer point between Blue and Red lines.
  Connections between light rail and Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
    Old Town/Chinatown (Blue, Red) and Streetcar stops at Johnson are within walking distance of Union Station (Amtrak).
  Connections between light rail and airports
    Airport (Red) is located at Portland International Airport.
Travel times
  Travel times by rail transit in the metropolitan area
Hours of operation
  Full-time service (7 days a week, last train from Downtown between 22:00 and 1:35).
  For more information, see the official Tri-Met and Portland Streetcar schedules.
Service frequency
  Light rail service frequency in the metropolitan area
  Selected Downtown stations totals
Future development of the system
  Light rail:
    Cascades is an infill station on Red line scheduled for completion in September 2002.
    Yellow line is a new Tri-Met route scheduled to begin operation in September 2004.  It will consist of a new 9-km segment with 10 new stations and the existing segment of Blue and Red lines from Old Town/Chinatown to Galleria and Library.
    Further extensions north to Vancouver, WA (across Columbia river) are planned for both Red and Yellow lines, but none of them is funded yet.
  Regional rail:
    Wilsonville-Beaverton line is the first segment of a planned regional rail system.  Revenue service on this segment is expected to begin in 2005, but construction funding is not guaranteed yet.  The new line will be 25 km long and have 5 new stations, including a transfer station to the existing light rail system at Beaverton Transit Center.