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Skye Harris

Skye Harris


University of California Santa Barbara



Site Abroad: 

Department of Materials, Oxford University

Faculty Sponsor(s): 

John J. L. Morton

Project Title: 

Simulating measurement strength effects on varied quantum entanglements between electron and nuclear spins

Project Description: 

Exploiting spin in condensed matter for quantum information applications is of high interest. A spin condition that is to be exploited is entanglement. Entanglement is the inter-relation between the spin states of two or more particles. To understand spin dynamics, measurements are taken on one of the particles of a multi spin system. The measurements affect spin states, including entanglement. However, not all measurements affect spin states to the same degree. Measurements effects range from strong to weak. My research projected used MatLab to simulate what type of measurement results should be expected when doing measurement on unentangled, moderately entangled, and maximally entangled states between one electron spin and one nuclear spin. For all the three levels of entanglement, measurement strength was varied. Measurements were taken on the electron spin while the nuclear spin was manipulated according to a Pauli spin matrix.