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Matthew Temple

CISEI Participant


Western Washington University


Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Site Abroad: 

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


Owen Brazil

Faculty Sponsor(s): 

Graham L.W. Cross

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Project Description: 

The organized deposition of nanowires can be utilized in nanoelectronic and nanophotonic applications.  A phenomenon of uniform distribution of patterned nanowires by means of contact line self-assembly was investigated upon initial observational indications of patterning. The interaction between the contact angles of a hydrophobic liquid during evaporation, a substrate's surface pattern, and relatively long nanowires could lead to reliable organized deposition. Solutions of highly tailored concentrations of silver nanowires in deionized water were prepared. Droplets of these solutions were left to dry in open air on linearly patterned PDMS substrates to observe the differential deposition as a result of the surface patterning. After two separate concentrations of      silver nanowires were observed, no consistent directionally organized deposition of nanowires was found. Although, an interesting "channeling" phenomena was observed in a higher concentration solution of nanowires. Long strings of nanowires banded together parallel to the surface patterns that were not noticed in control or low concentration experiments. An interaction between a hydrophobic liquid and the right concentration of silver nanowires proved to produce a depository effect. This effect needs to be investigated further to determine the reliability and uniformity of the deposition.